San Francisco Muni bus struck fire hydrant resulting in 1 injury, flooding

San Francisco Muni bus struck fire hydrant resulting in 1 injury, flooding


Legal News for California Personal Injury Attorneys. A Muni bus struck a fire hydrant causing flooding to a nearby building and injuring one person.

California personal injury lawyer alerts- San Francisco Municipal Railway bus on 22-Fillmore line struck fire hydrant; one person sustained injuries.

San Francisco, CA—An inspector was struck by a fire hydrant after the extended wheelchair lift of a San Francisco Municipal Railway bus knocked it off the sidewalk on Sunday, February 7, 2010. The incident occurred around 5:45 p.m. at the intersection of Fillmore and Haight streets, according to information provided by

Reports state a passenger fell from the trolley’s extended wheelchair lift upon attempting to disembark from the vehicle. As a result, the unidentified customer was taken to an area hospital to be treated by doctors and nurses for his/her undisclosed injuries. Approximately 20 minutes after the initial incident, the Muni bus, which was initially headed southbound on the 22-Fillimore railway bus line, reportedly moved forward for unknown reasons. Upon doing so, the wheelchair lift struck a fire hydrant, resulting in an explosion of water. Simultaneously, an inspector who had responded to the scene in regards to the first incident was hit by the dislodged hydrant. The unidentified Muni investigator was reportedly treated at the scene by responding medical professionals.

A building located in close proximity to the damaged fire hydrant was reported flooded after water forcefully shot up from the ground. San Francisco resident, Sean Shakespeare, was an eyewitness at the scene and provided the photo above. The driver of the Muni bus was temporarily suspended pending toxicology results. Muni railway buses on the 22-Fillmore, 6-Parnassus, and 71-Haight Noriega lines were allegedly rerouted until 7:35 p.m., while the accident scene was cleared and preliminary investigations were being conducted.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for California Personal Injury Lawyers.

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