Legal news for California automobile accident attorneys. A three-vehicle crash killed one and injured three others.

California automobile accident attorney alert- The California Highway Patrol is investigation a crash on U.S. Highway 101 in San Mateo, CA.

San Mateo, CA—A multiple vehicle pile-up on U.S. Highway 101 left a 19-year-old Burlingame man dead. The fatal and violent motor vehicle collision (MVC) occurred on Saturday morning, February 6, 2010 around 2:35 a.m., near Third Street in San Mateo, as reported by the San Jose Mercury News.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) rushed to the scene after they received a report of multiple crashes along U.S. Highway 101. An Audi reportedly lost control and slammed into the center divider of the highway, hit a sound wall where it bounced off into the lanes of traffic. A 1998 Toyota Camry reportedly hit the driver’s side of the Audi, which ejected the driver of the Audi and a passenger in the car. The driver of the Audi, Brett Alan Studebaker, 19, was tragically killed in the wreck. The passenger was rushed by emergency medical services (EMS) teams to Stanford Hospital for treatment of major injuries. Medical professionals treated the driver of the Camry for minor injuries. The driver of a 2006 Mazda RX-8, who was apparently involved in the pile-up, was also injured. Their injuries were not disclosed. The crash is currently under investigation by police officials. It was not reported what caused the fatal wreck.

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