Paramedic suffered injury in EVAC ambulance crash

Paramedic suffered injury in EVAC ambulance crash


Legal News for Florida Auto Accident Attorneys. Paramedic injured while transporting previously injured car crash victims in EVAC ambulance.

Florida auto accident lawyer alerts- one injured in Daytona Beach FL ambulance crash.

Daytona Beach, FL—An emergency medical services (EMS) paramedic with EVAC Ambulance was injured in a crash en route to an area hospital where two patients, injured in a previous motor vehicle accident, were to be transported. The incident occurred on Interstate 95 early Thursday morning, February 4, 2010, according to information provided by the News-Journal Online.

An EVAC spokesperson allegedly reported that the incident took place at approximately 4 a.m. and that exact details were unknown. It is believed that the ambulance was in the process of turning around when it was struck in the rear by a northbound vehicle at the 275 mile marker of I-95. The emergency unit allegedly had its lights and sirens on at the time of the motor vehicle accident. There were five people reported occupying the ambulance at the time, including the unidentified paramedic who suffered injury, the ambulance driver, an assisting firefighter, as well as the two previous crash victims. Only the paramedic seemingly sustained injury in the ambulance wreck.

The two previous patients, who were sequentially listed in stable and serious condition, were taken to Halifax Health Medical Center. The injured paramedic was transported to a Daytona Beach hospital where he was treated by responding medical professionals and then released. The EVAC spokesman allegedly noted, “ We are very fortunate that no one was killed.”

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