Nissan Frontier: Highest level of protection in rollover crashes

Legal News for Personal Injury Lawyers. IIHS deems Nissan Frontier the safest small pickup in regards to rollover accidents.

Personal injury attorney alerts- Nissan Frontier had highest level of federal safety in rollover crashes amongst five tested pickup trucks.

Arlington, VA—In a rollover crash safety test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the Nissan Frontier, also sold as the Suzuki Equator, proved to have the highest level of safety amongst five other small pickup trucks. The Chevrolet Colorado on the other hand, had the lowest level of safety in regards to roof durability in rollover accidents, according to information provided by

The rollover tests were conducted on the 2010 models of the Nissan Frontier, Ford Ranger, Dodge Dakota, Toyota Tacoma, and Chevrolet Colorado, which is also sold as the GMC Canyon. Though none of the pickup trucks listed earned the Top Safety Pick Award, the Frontier allegedly came close, with the highest reported rating of good among those tested. The Frontier allegedly received an “acceptable” rating, rather than “good” in regards to protecting its consumers from neck injury in rear-end collisions.

The rating system used in the IIHS’s rollover crash safety tests are reported, “based on Institute research showing that occupants in rollover crashes benefit from stronger roofs. Vehicles rated good must have roofs that are more than twice as strong as the minimum required under the current federal safety standard.” According to reports, SUVs and pickup trucks are more likely to be involved in rollover crashes than cars, subsequently resulting in fatalities for nearly 47 percent of pickup truck occupants. It is also noted that approximately 10,000 people become victims to rollover wrecks annually.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Personal Injury Attorneys.