Neighboring residents evacuated after gas leak causes explosion

Legal News for Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys. A residential explosion left a contractor with severe burns and a woman homeless.

Minnesota personal injury attorney alerts- explosion/blaze prompted by gas leak caused one injury.

St. Paul, MN—A contractor reportedly cut a natural gas line while attempting to unplug a sewer pipe in the basement of a St. Paul residence on Monday morning, February 1, 2010. The contractor had to be transported to an area hospital for treatment after suffering severe burns in the explosion, according to information provided by

St. Paul Fire Department fire rescue teams allegedly responded to the scene at approximately 10 a.m. but allegedly made no attempt at salvaging the burning home after discovering that the inferno was being sustained by a supply of natural gas. Fire rescue crews reportedly went into “defensive mode” immediately upon arriving to make sure the blaze would not spread to neighboring homes. It was noted, “When a basement gas line breaks, it can move through sewer lines and fill nearby homes that are on the system. Authorities say the immediate concern was that the natural gas would fill the sewer system and surrounding homes with gas.”

Special vented fans were allegedly set up to avoid a build-up of natural gas along the residential street as well as in several homes affected by the gas leak. Many residents along the 2000 block of Villard Avenue were evacuated from their homes as a safety precaution, though they were allowed back in around 12 p.m. The contractors condition was undisclosed by authorities. The homeowner allegedly bought the residency in August 2009 and is “devastated” in regards to the incident.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyers.