Carbon monoxide fumes killed 1 and injured 11 in Kansas

Legal news for Kansas personal injury attorneys. Firefighters, paramedics, and police officer were all overcome by carbon monoxide.

Personal Injury attorneys alert- Eleven people were injured, one killed from carbon monoxide poisoning in Salinas, KS.

Salina, KS—Carbon Monoxide poisoning at a townhouse killed one person and injured 11 others, including firefighters, police and a paramedic. The toxic chemical leak occurred on Wednesday February 3, 2010, as reported by the Washington Post.

The Salina Fire Department said a woman called authorities after finding her friend unconscious inside his townhouse, when she became affected by carbon monoxide fumes herself. She was able to get out of the house before becoming completely overwhelmed by the fumes. A paramedic and a firefighter who entered the home quickly became overcome by the toxic fumes and collapsed. They had to be rescued by other firefighters. Seven Salina Fire Department personnel and a police officer were also affected by the carbon monoxide. They were all rushed to Salina Regional Hospital for treatment of elevated carbon monoxide levels. The woman was also rushed to Salina Regional Hospital for treatment. Apparently the carbon monoxide came from a car that was left running inside a garage that is connected to the townhouse. The identities of the victims were not released. It is unknown if the running car inside the garage was a deliberate act. A full investigation is reportedly underway by police officials.

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