Arbitration panel awards man $11.8 million in medical malpractice damages

Legal News for Florida Medical Malpractice Attorneys. Orthopedic doctor and his practice found responsible for man’s permanent injuries.

Medical malpractice lawyer alerts- arbitration panel finds orthopedic doctor liable for a man’s permanent injuries, damages awarded.

Hudson, FL—A man who was left in a wheelchair after undergoing a series of back surgeries has been awarded $11.8 million in damages pending a decision made by a three-member arbitration panel. Alfred O. Bonati and his practice, Gulf Coast Orthopedic Center, were found liable for the permanent injuries suffered by 71-year-old William Clark as a result of the numerous surgeries he underwent, according to information provided by Tampa Bay Online.

According to reports, “Clark was scheduled for three surgeries after being examined by doctors at the center in 2003. He said the first one provided some relief to his right side but that the left side surgery was unsuccessful and resulted in five subsequent operations.” The series of back surgeries he underwent reportedly cost him $180,000 dollars and left him in a wheelchair.

Bonati, who is seemingly infamous for his acts of medical malpractice and negligence, had a 63-count complaint filed against him for damages including fraud and medical malpractice by the Florida Department of Health. He was also reportedly indicted for “performing unnecessary spinal surgery on a patient with chronic back pain” in 2007 and has allegedly faced many other accusations since 1989.

Clark has reported that he plans to share much of the compensation he has been awarded with the church as well as numerous charities.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyers.