Proposed law will require ski resorts to report injures, deaths

Legal news for California government attorneys. A proposed law will require ski resorts to publish all injuries, deaths, and step up safety measures.

California government attorneys alerts- A new law proposal will require ski resorts to beef up safety measures.

Los Angeles, CA—A new law proposal in California by Assemblyman Dave Jones, D-Sacramento would require ski resorts to publish how many people have been injured or killed on their slopes. The new law is designed to increase safety measures, as reported by the Reno Gazette Journal.

The proposed law would also force minors and employees of ski resorts to wear helmets. In addition, signs marking ski boundaries and other hazards like cliffs would also be required under the proposed legislation. The ski industry is mostly opposed to the proposed law, because it could require them to establish new safety rules, which includes a standardized system for safety padding on lifts and other equipment. The executive director of the California Ski Industry Association, Bob Roberts, stated, “the legislation would put the resorts at a huge legal risk… We’re not in a position to do some of the things they would like to be done. … Ski patrols write up incident reports (of injuries) but they are not doctors.” In addition, Roberts contended ski resort employees shouldn’t have to worry whether minors are wearing helmets or not. A similar law was tossed out last year because of cost concerns, but Jones is willing to work with other legislators to ensure the bill will not affect the deficit-plagued state.

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