Burger King faces lawsuit after worker spit in food

Legal news for personal injury attorneys. A man claims he was targeted because of his race after he found spit in his food.

Personal injury attorneys alert- A lawsuit was filed against Burger King Corporation for racial discrimination and saliva in his food.

Cleveland, OH—A man who filed a lawsuit against Burger King, claims he was a targeted because of his race, which led to an employee spitting into his food. Glenn Goodwin filed the lawsuit on Tuesday, February 3, 2010 in the Federal Court in Erie, Pennsylvania, as reported by WJW.

Goodwin, a truck driver from Cleveland, reportedly visited a Burger King restaurant in Fairview in November 2008, when he became a target of racial discrimination. Goodwin claimed on Caucasian Burger King employee spat on his food, while another Caucasian worker blocked his view during the disgusting and disturbing action. Police officials investigated the claim and found saliva in Goodwin’s food.

A Burger King Corporation spokesperson stated, “the company takes the matter seriously and strives to serve customers well regardless of their race… Food safety is non-negotiable at any Burger King restaurant and we take this matter very seriously. As a brand, we strive to offer every customer the highest level of service and respect, regardless of background or ethnicity. The franchisee management team was notified of this allegation more than a year ago and cooperated fully with the Pennsylvania State Police. The state police investigated the allegation and based on the investigation did not file criminal charges. The case was closed. This BURGER KING restaurant has an impeccable record with the Erie County Department of Health.”

It was not reported if the fast food restaurant employees were reprimanded for their actions.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for personal injury lawyers.