Legal News for Florida Truck Accident Attorneys. Man calls 911 as his vehicle sank into pond after wreck.

Florida truck accident lawyer alerts- FHP investigates deadly crash involving pickup truck in Orange County, Florida.

Orange County, FL– A pickup truck crashed into a pond in Orange County, Florida on Tuesday night, February 2, 2010. The motorist, who was fatally injured in the incident, reportedly made a 911 call as his pickup proceeded to sink into the pond. Crash investigators are in the process of figuring out what may have caused the deadly crash, according to information provided by

Troopers from the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) allegedly reported Umberto Delgado, Jr., 22, was traveling on State Road 429 before his car careened off the roadway the Plant Street exit in Ocoee, subsequently crashing into a pond. Skid marks at the scene of the wreck seemingly demonstrated that the driver attempted to stop his vehicle before plunging into the pond. Delgado reportedly told police dispatchers that he could not escape from his truck, which was in the water.

Officials from the FHP and the Ocoee Fire Department allegedly responded to the scene where crash debris led to the pond. The Orlando Fire Department was called to the scene to aid in recovering the victims body. When Delgado was found, he was apparently outside of the truck, which sank approximately six to eight feet to the bottom of the pond, though he unfortunately already drowned in the tragic pickup truck crash. It is currently unknown whether the man was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs at the time. Investigations are reported underway.

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