Wrongful death suit filed against school district for fifth-graders suicide

Legal News for Illinois Wrongful Death Attorneys. School district sued for wrongful death of 10-year-old that hung himself at school.

Illinois wrongful death lawyer alerts- A wrongful death lawsuit filed against Evanston Skokie School District 65 for tragic incident involving fifth grader.

Cook County, IL—A tragic incident in which a young boy was found hanging in the school bathroom has resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit against the school district. The suit, brought upon by the fifth-grader’s parents, was filed on Friday, January 29, 2010, in regards to the February 3, 2009 incident, according to information provided by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Emergency medical services (EMS) paramedics quickly resuscitated Aquan Lewis, 10, after a fellow student at Oakton Elementary School, found him in the bathroom. He was transported to St. Francis Hospital, located next to the elementary school, and then transferred to Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Unfortunately responding medical professionals pronounced the child dead on February 4, 2009, at the hospital. Authorities from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office reported deemed suicide to be the cause of death.

The suit reportedly claims that nobody made any attempts to try and find Aquan when he went missing as the other students were lining up for their gym class. The pending litigation also claimed that proper analysis of evidence at the scene had not been thoroughly conducted by investigators, although a February 17, 2009 press conference stated otherwise. Allegations against the Evanston Skokie School District 65 allegedly include, “wrongful death negligence, survival action negligence, wrongful death related to willful and wanton conduct, and survival related to willful and wanton conduct”, and are seeking over $50,000 in damages for each separate claim.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Illinois Wrongful Death Lawyers.