Honda recalls 646,000 vehicles worldwide over faulty switch

Legal news for product liability attorneys. Honda recalls the Fit after discovering a switch poses a fire hazard.

Product liability attorneys alert- Honda recalled the Fit over the power window switch, which poses a fire hazard to consumers.

West Palm Beach, FL—Honda has voluntarily recalled 646,000 cars worldwide over a faulty part that potentially could catch on fire, thus posing a hazard to all vehicle owners. Honda announced they are recalling their 2007-2008 Fit compact hatchbacks on Friday, January 29, 2010, as reported by Fox News.

Honda officials are currently examining the window switches, which can melt or catch fire when exposed to an extreme amount of liquid. At this time only the Fit subcompact model has been affected by the recall. The recall arose from the master power window switch on the driver’s side, which needs to be replaced or retrofitted with a waterproof skirt to keep from catching fire. So far there have been seven reported cases of the switch melting in the U.S. Two of those reported cases involved a fire. Honda released a statement saying, “Under some severe operating conditions, water, rain, or other liquid may enter the driver’s window and reach the master power window switch, resulting in impaired function of the switch…If the master power window switch is damaged as a result of the liquid intrusion, it may result in failure of the switch and overheating.” A Honda spokesperson reportedly stated that there have been no injuries that have been connected to the part.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for product liability lawyers.