FAA Alert: American Eagle Airlines may face $2.5 million fine

Legal news for aviation attorneys. The FAA proposed fines in connection with incorrect weight on board.

Aviation attorneys alert- The FAA is proposing a $2.5 million fine against American Eagle Airlines.

Fort Worth, TX—The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) http://www.faa.gov/ have proposed to fine American Eagle Airlines, the sister carrier of American Airlines, nearly $2.5 million for failing to ensure the flight crew had the accurate weight of the baggage on board. The penalty was announced on Monday, February 1, 2010 against AMR Corporations American Eagle, as reported by USA Today.

FAA officials maintain that incorrect takeoff weights are a safety hazard since the pilot relies on the correct information when deciding the right speed for takeoff and landing, which puts the pilot, crew, and passengers lives in danger. The FAA reported that from January to October 2008, the American Eagle had at least 154 flights where the baggage weight documents on the cargo records did not match the data entered into the automated system for tracking and balancing weight. The Eagle apparently operated nearly 39 flights after being told of the problem, according to the FAA. The airline company did eventually correct the problem by switching its operating manual to make sure that the proper weight and balance information was confirmed. An FAA spokesperson stated, “Weight and balance of cargo is important for all planes but is considered a more significant issue for the kinds of smaller jets typically operated by Eagle and other regional carriers because they are lighter “and every pound becomes important.”

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