Lifetime driving ban against convicted teen appealed

Legal News for Ohio Government Attorneys. A juvenile court hearing that barred teen from applying for driver’s license was thrown out. Ohio government lawyer alerts- Driving ban against teen driver convicted of vehicular homicide dropped. Hamilton, OH—A juvenile court hearing, which came after a teen was involved in a fatal collision while intoxicated, sentenced the […]

Motor Vehicle Collision: Car collides with tractor-trailer on Ohio 4, one dead

Legal News for Ohio Personal Injury Attorneys. A man was killed in Marion County’s third major crash this week. Ohio personal injury lawyer alerts- Marion County post of the OSHP investigates crash that resulted in the death of a man. Marion County, OH—A motor vehicle collision (MVC) involving a small SUV and a tractor-trailer resulted […]

Product Alert: Tree stands and brackets recalled due to fall hazard

Legal News for Product Liability Attorneys. CPSC announces recall of tree stands and brackets due to fall risk. Product liability lawyer alerts- Tree stands recalled due to fall risk, CPSC reports. Decatur, AL—Summit Treestands LLC has participated in the voluntary recall of Talon Hunting Hang-on Tree Stands and Brackets due to the fall hazard they […]

U.S. Toyota recall extends to Europe and China

Legal news for product liability attorneys. Toyota extended recalls to Europe and China over sudden acceleration issues. Product liability attorneys alert- Toyota recall extended to China and Europe over sudden acceleration. West Palm Beach, FL—The latest recall announced by Toyota, which involved 2.3 million vehicles, has since been extended to China and Europe. Toyota announced […]

FDA Recall: Hettich Centrifuges with plastic rotors may cause injuries

Legal news for product liability attorneys. The FDA recalled Hettich Centrifuges with plastic rotors after discovering they can cause serious injuries. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) alerts product liability lawyers—Hettich centrifuges were recalled due to injury risk. Washington D.C.—The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recalled Hettich Centrifuges with 250 and 2076 plastic rotors, […]

Phoenix training flight turned dead; pilot killed

Legal news for Arizona aviation accident attorneys. A small plane crashed during a training flight, killing the pilot. Arizona aviation accident attorneys alert- A Phoenix plane crash occurred during a training fight that left the pilot dead. Phoenix, AZ—A single-engine plane crashed into an empty lot in a Phoenix trailer park, which left the 24-year-old […]

Report: Study shows cell phone bans don’t lower accident rates

Legal news for automobile accident attorneys. The bans on hands-held devices are not lowering the amount of accidents. Automobile accident lawyers alert- The Highway Loss Data Institute revealed that cell phone bans don’t reduce crashes. West Palm Beach, FL—A shocking report by the Highway Loss Data Institute has revealed that the laws banning the use […]

CPSC Recall: Rechargeable Batteries used for touch panels pose fire hazard

Legal news for product liability attorneys. AMX recalled rechargeable batteries used for touch panels in audio/visual systems. CPSC alerts product liability lawyers- AMX recalled rechargeable batteries that pose a fire hazard. Dallas, TX—AMX of Richardson, Texas and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are voluntarily recalling rechargeable batteries sold with MVP 5000 Series […]

Toole family killed in violent semi-truck crash near Lake Pointe, UT

Legal news for 18-wheeler accident attorneys. Three people were killed in a two-vehicle wreck on State Road 36. Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) alerts- Three people are dead following a semi-truck and car crash. Salt Lake City, UT—Three family members were pronounced dead after an oncoming semi-truck slammed into the vehicle on Thursday, January 28, 2010. […]