Oral surgeon, Dental Health Group named in medical malpractice suit

Legal News for Florida Medical Malpractice Attorneys. Drill bit lodged into woman’s wound after dental surgery, prompting medical malpractice suit.

Florida medical malpractice attorney alerts- dental surgery prompts lawsuit against oral surgeon, Dental Health Group.

Tampa, FL—A medical malpractice suit, stemming from a woman’s dental surgery, reportedly claims the oral surgeon left a drill bit burr in her right maxillary sinus, subsequently leaving her with symptoms including dizziness, pain, nosebleeds, and sinus infections within the span of approximately one year. The lawsuit reportedly named oral surgeon, Ralph Eichstaedt, as well as Dental Health Group, in the lawsuit, according to information provided by TampaBay.com.

Donna Delgado, 35, allegedly made a visit to a dental office, located at 1060 W Busch Blvd., in August 2008, where she underwent dental surgery two weeks after her first appointment. Eichstaedt reportedly “used the burr to separate teeth and make the extraction easier… somewhere along the line, the burr became detached and lost”. When Delgado came back to the dentist’s office to report the pain she had been feeling, personnel repeatedly conveyed that the pain was normal after undergoing surgical procedures. Reports state Eichstaedt no longer practices at that particular dentist’s office and upon being contacted by phone, would not comment in regards to the suit.

When Delgado began “experiencing dizziness and numbness on her right side, where the burr was”, she reported to St. Joseph’s Hospital on July 13, 2009 to receive medical attention. Upon her arrival, doctors who were then unaware of the drill bit lodged into their patient’s head conducted a magnetic scan, subsequently causing the burr to move inside her head. The unexpected movement of the inch-long steel burr allegedly could have had deadly consequences. Dr. Dennis Agliano removed the drill bit on August 27, 2009, pending doctors’ initial apprehension as to whether or not it was safe to remove the burr. It was reported that since Delgado had the drill bit removed, she was not yet fully recovered and could have even suffered possible nickel poisoning in the incident. The medical malpractice suit requests undetermined compensation as well as a jury trial.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyers.