“Magic brownies” left 5 high school students ill

Legal News for California Personal Injury Attorneys. Students sickened after consuming what they believed to be pot brownies.

California personal injury lawyer alerts- Two high school students taken to hospital after consuming alleged marijuana brownies.

Union City, CA—Five high school students became ill after consuming spiked brownies, which they initially believed contained marijuana. The teens reportedly ate the “special” baked goods last week, subsequently causing them to feel extremely sick. Two students also reportedly had to be hospitalized after suffering convulsions, according to information provided by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Police officials reportedly stated, “The brownies may have contained another substance in addition to or instead of marijuana, but exactly what was in them wasn’t known”. All five of the affected teens were students at James Logan High School. Two males, whose names have not been disclosed, allegedly had to be transported to the hospital for the seizure-like symptoms they experienced after consuming the tainted brownies. They were reportedly treated by responding medical professionals and then released. The two boys as well as three other students involved, who were also sickened after eating the brownies, may face punitive action pending further investigation into the incident.

It is reportedly unknown who obtained and supplied the affected teens with the laced brownies as well as where or from whom they were purchased. The New Haven Unified School District reportedly notified parents of the incident, explaining that the brownies unknown ingredients caused students to “become under the influence and/or painfully sick”. Investigations by police and school officials are reported underway.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for California Personal Injury Lawyers.