settles $2 million sexual discrimination lawsuit settles $2 million sexual discrimination lawsuit


Legal news for California personal injury attorneys. The online dating giant,, settled a discrimination lawsuit against gays. reached a settlement in a sexual discrimination lawsuit pertaining to sexual orientation.

Los Angeles, CA—The online dating Web site that boasts that they use a “scientifically developed questionnaire” to help people to find “relationships that last,”, has settled a class-action lawsuit, which would welcome gay, lesbian, and bisexual matchmaking to the dating service. The proposed settlement was announced on Tuesday, January 26, 2010, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle. reportedly did not offer gay, lesbian, and bisexual matchmaking services on its dating Web site until sometime last spring. A 2008 discrimination settlement with the state of New Jersey, gay and lesbians were redirected to another Web site,, from its affiliate eHarmony. An unrelated 2007 class-action civil rights lawsuit in Los Angeles, which claims eHarmony violated California law, that states its illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation. Under the proposed settlement, eHarmony will allow people to use both dating websites ( and without paying for access to each service. In addition, eHarmony must prominently display gay and lesbian dating services, and add a “gay dating” link at the bottom of page with the tags for blacks, Hispanic, Jewish, Christian, and seniors dating. eHarmony also agreed to pay nearly $500,00 to about 150 Californians to settle the suit, plus $1.5 in court and attorney costs. eHarmony did not admit fault.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for California personal injury lawyers.

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