Sleeping student left on MSD Perry Township school bus

Legal news for Indiana personal injury attorneys. A child was left on a school bus after she fell asleep on her way to school.

Indiana personal injury attorney alerts- A sleeping child was left on a school bus.

Indianapolis, IN—A student was left on a school bus after the child fell asleep on the way to Rosa Parks Edison Elementary School. The bus driver failed to conduct a safety check before leaving the school on Thursday, January 21, 2010, as reported by WXIN.

A MSD Perry Township spokesperson stated, “The bus driver did not follow MSD Perry Township protocol that requires inspection of the bus for students before leaving the school parking lot.” It was not reported how long the child was left on the school bus alone before anyone noticed that child was still on board and didn’t get off at their designated school. When the bus driver realized the child was on the bus, the driver brought the child back to school unharmed. The bus driver has since resigned from their position.

Perry officials are also investigating an incident on January 8th, in which another bus driver may have possibly failed to follow inspection guidelines. Officials would not state if another child was inadvertently left on the bus. A Lafayette bus driver was also fired earlier this month for doing the same thing. An 8-year-old girl was left on the school bus for over an hour in a bus parking lot.

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