UC Berkeley fraternities face lawsuit by nearby residents

UC Berkeley fraternities face lawsuit by nearby residents


Legal news for California attorneys. Residents are planning on filing a lawsuit against fraternities at UC Berkeley.

California attorneys alert- Residents are filing a class-action lawsuit against fraternity houses at UC Berkeley.

Berkeley, CA—Residents near UC Berkeley’s fraternities are planning to file a class action lawsuit, which will require fraternity houses to have a live-in adult supervisor to curb the unruly behavior exhibited by the frats. The lawsuit is expected to be filed this week by a group of Berkeley residents, naming 34 fraternity chapters, as reported by The Daily Californian.

The residents who are filing the lawsuit have cited chronic alcohol abuse, littering, noise violations, and incidents of personal threats by the fraternities. A cease and desist order, which would require houses to place a temporary ban on serving alcohol, is being sent to the 34 houses. The residents want to implement a requirement, which will place a live-in adult supervisor at the houses. One of the residents stated, “I sent pictures to the national chapter that shows pictures of how frat brothers broke into my home, puked on my furniture, in my driveway, in the streets… It was only when I showed them actual videos they believed me. I’ve sent dozens of letters to the chancellors, the regents, and got nothing. It’s a city issue.”

UC Berkeley sororities are not included in the projected lawsuit, since they already have rules, which do not allow alcohol on the premises of their house. The Interfraternity Council President has declined to comment since as of yet, he has not seen the lawsuit.

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