Product Alert: Graco recalls strollers due to fingertip amputation/laceration risk

Legal News for Georgia Product Liability Lawyers. Graco recalls strollers and travel systems due to fingertip amputation and laceration danger.

CPSC announced product recall of strollers that place children at risk of fingertip amputations.

Atlanta, GA—Graco Children’s Products Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia, has participated in the voluntary recall of three models of Strollers and Travel Systems due to a fingertip amputation and laceration hazards posed by them. The product recall was announced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on Wednesday, January 20, 2010. The firm has recalled approximately 1.5 million strollers and travel systems.

The product recall includes Graco’s Passage™, Alano™ and Spree™ Strollers and Travel Systems, manufactured in China from October 2004 to February 2008. It was reported that when a consumer opens or closes the canopy of these strollers, the hinges could place children at risk of fingertip amputations and lacerations. The firm allegedly received five reports of children suffering fingertip amputations as well as two others who sustained fingertip lacerations.

Only stroller and travel systems with “a plastic, jointed hinge mechanism that has indented canopy positioning notches” were included in the product recall. The model number as well as the manufacture date can be found just above the back wheels, on the inside section of the rear frame. Model numbers were listed as such:

6303MYC, 6303MYC3, 7240DNB, 7240DNB2, 7240MKL2, 7240MKL3, 7F02GLM3, 6320IVY, 6320LAU, 7241DDH2, 7241DHO3, 7F04TAY3, 6330CAP, 6330THR, 6330THR3, 7255CLP, 7255CLP2, 7255CRA2, 7255CRA3, 7255CSA3, 7255GPK3, 7255GRN, 7255GRN2, 7255JJB3, 7255ORC2, 7255WLO2, 7255WLO3, 7F07EMA3, 6F00QIN3, 6F00RRY3, 7256CLO2, 7256SPM2, 7256SPM3, 7F08DSW3, 7F08LAN3, 6F03GLN3, 7260BAN, 7260BAN2, 7260BAN3, 7260MRA2, 7260MRA3, 7260PKR, 7260PKR2, 7G00DLS3, 7G00DLS4, 6G10CSE3, 7270BIA, 7270BIA2, 7G01CRL3, 7235GGA, 7235GGA2, 7E01JON2, 7E01JON3, 7G04KRA3, 7236CDR2, 7F00LPE3, 7F00RSH3, 7G05GPR3, 7G06WSR3, 7237HOL2, 7237HOL3, 7F01FOR3, 7G07ABB3, 7G07BAT3

The recalled strollers were being sold from October 2004 to December 2009 at AAFES, Burlington Coat Factory, Babies “R” Us, Toys “R” Us, Kmart, Fred Meyer, Meijers, Navy Exchange, Sears, Target, Walmart and other retailers throughout the United States. Strollers were priced between $80 and $90 where as travel systems cost between $150 and $200. Consumers are being urged to stop using these strollers and travel kits and contact Graco Children’s Products Inc. for a free protective cover repair kit.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Georgia Product Liability Attorneys.