Crewman fell overboard Tri-State towboat, drowned

Legal News for West Virginia Employment Attorneys. A man fell overboard the Marathon Oil Corp. M/V Tri-State towboat he was working on, drowning him.

Virginia employment lawyer alerts- U.S. Coast Guard investigates work-place accident where crew member drowned after falling overboard.

Kenova, WV—A crewman fell overboard while on the Marathon Oil Corp.’s M/V Tri-State towboat, unfortunately drowning after midnight on Tuesday, January 19, 2010. The incident allegedly occurred at the Marathon loading docks, off the 2300 block of Beech Street, according to reports by the Herald-Dispatch.

The crew allegedly untied the lines that were keeping the towboat connected to docked barges and upon finishing, mistakenly gave the “all clear” signal. The unidentified 25-year-old Waterloo, Ohio man apparently noticed that one of the lines had not been disconnected from the docked barge, subsequently running in an attempt to untie it. As he did so, the boat operator allegedly throttled the vessel, causing the crew member to be thrown off balance and off the boat. Deputies from the Kenova Police Department reportedly noted that upon falling overboard, the crewman was swiftly sucked underneath the towboat, sadly drowning him.

His body was allegedly recovered within minutes of the incident with medical professionals on the scene attempting to resuscitate him, though it was too late. He was pronounced deceased at the scene. A Kenova Police officer allegedly stated that investigations indicate that foul play or negligence were not factors in the tragic accident. The Kenova Police Department, in participation with the U.S. Coast Guard are currently conducting investigations into the fatal drowning incident.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for West Virginia Employment Lawyers.