Wrongful death suit filed after underage teen drowned while intoxicated

Wrongful death suit filed after underage teen drowned while intoxicated


Legal News for Massachusetts Wrongful Death Attorneys. Mother files wrongful death lawsuit against those who supplied her underage daughter with alcohol.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed by mother after underage teen died leaving underage drinking party in Massachusetts.

Plainville, MA—A wrongful death lawsuit was filed by a mother whose underage daughter tragically drowned in a swamp upon leaving a party where she was illegally supplied with alcohol. The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, January 13, 2010, in correlation with the October 2008 drowning incident that killed 17-year-old Taylor Meyer, according to information provided by WickedLocal.com.

Kathi Meyer has allegedly sued a total of seven individuals who were reportedly involved in her daughter’s wrongful death. It was revealed that Taylor Meyer attended three underage drinking parties, one of which was located at the abandoned Norfolk Airport. Sean Flynn, who was 21 at the time, was charged for buying the minor alcohol after the fatal incident. Brian Zuzick, who was 20 at the time, was also charged in the incident after he provided both his sister, Paige Zuzick and Meyer with alcohol that night. Paige Zuzick, Matthew Dusseault, Christopher Moran, Rachel Stark, as well as her mother, Dianne Stark, were all named in the wrongful death suit for their participation in the events that consequently led up to Meyer’s death.

The teen reportedly meandered away from the last of the three parties she attended in a drunken manor, somehow managing to fall into a swamp nearby where she sadly drowned. It was reported that Meyer’s blood alcohol level was .18 when they found her two days after the incident, indicating that her blood alcohol concentration was much higher when she stumbled away from the last party of that night.

Since Taylor’s death, her mother has allegedly spoke against underage drinking, which prompted police deputies to crack down on those violating laws regarding alcohol consumption amongst underage kids.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Massachusetts Wrongful Death Lawyers.

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