Sleeping 2-year-old repossessed with car

Legal news for California personal injury attorneys. A toddler was taken with his mothers car in San Jose, California.

California personal injury attorneys alerts- A San Jose, California toddler was taken when his mothers Honda Accord was repossessed.

San Jose, CA—A toddler was taken for a ride, when his mother’s vehicle was repossessed on Tuesday night, January 12, 2010. A 2-year-old was fast asleep in the back of his mothers 2000 Honda Accord, while his mother briefly stepped out of the car to pick up her daughter, when a repo jumped in and took off, as reported by the San Jose Mercury News.

Frantically Isabel Luevano dialed 911, in fear that her son, Cyrus Lopez, was stolen along with her car. Police officials responded to the distress call and dispatched a search helicopter to help search for the child. The boy was found 31 minutes later at Alberto’s Auto Sales on East Santa Clara Street, upset but safe. The toddler was discovered by the auto dealership owner, Alberto Luna, 47, in the backseat of the repossessed car as the car was on its way to the shop. The car was not stolen like Luevano initially believed. When Luna arrived back at the dealership they promptly told officials that they had the young boy. Luna reportedly admitted that he failed to check the vehicle identification number on the car before repossessing it, as required by law. Little Cyrus was returned home safely by a police officer, who also bought the toddler a McDonalds happy mean on the way home. An investigation is underway.

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