Oklahoma girl in trouble; School bus driver “doesn’t have time to help”

Legal news for Oklahoma personal injury lawyers. A girl was left in frigid weather with her tongue stuck to a pole.

Oklahoma personal injury lawyers alert- A girl was left at the bus stop by her school bus driver because her tongue was stuck to a pole.

Spiro, OK—A mother of a fifth-grade girl is furious with school officials after she was left at a school bus stop because her tongue was stuck to a pole, and the bus driver “didn’t have time to get her unstuck.” The young girl was left in the cold with her tongue stuck to a freezing pole on Friday, January 8, 2010, as reported by KFSM.

Maranda Byrd of Spiro was reportedly waiting for the school bus with her brothers, when they dared her to stick her tongue to a nearby freezing pole. Maranda, who didn’t think the consequences would be that bad, took her brothers up on the dare. When the school bus arrived, Maranda was left there while her brothers boarded the bus, and was told by the bus driver that she did not have time to get her unstuck. The girl then started chewing at the ice until she was released, and then went to school. Once at school, Maranda went to the school nurse’s office where they had her rinse her mouth out with peroxide, and never informed her parents of what happened. It wasn’t until Maranda came home from school that day did she become aware of what took place that morning. A doctor gave the girl antibiotics to fight any infections that she may have acquired, and was told there probably wont be any permanent damage. Maranda’s mother, Jeannie Byrd, recently met with school officials and the bus driver, who is also a science teacher, to discuss what had happened. School officials said it wouldn’t happen again, and that the bus driver would continue on her routes. Jeannie is contemplating on getting a lawyer.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Oklahoma personal injury lawyers.