Man developed an infection after donating blood; Stanford Hospital sued

Legal news for California medical malpractice attorneys. Stanford Hospital faces medical malpractice lawsuit after failing to uphold promises.

California medical malpractice lawyer alerts- A lawsuit was filed against Stanford Hospital after a man who was donating blood developed an infection.

San Francisco Bay, CA—After trying to do a good deed, a Palo Alto man who donated blood at Stanford Hospital developed an infection, was denied medical care by the hospital when he couldn’t afford the costs anymore. Christopher Bui, 43, has since filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Stanford Hospital, as reported by KGO Radio Bay Area News.

Bui had reportedly donated his 0-positive blood type for free over the last 10 years at the Stanford Blood Center, when in April 2008 he developed a debilitating infection. When the expenses for treating the infection became too much for him to afford, Stanford denied him health care. The lawsuit was filed in June 2009 against Stanford Blood Center, Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Stanford University and the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, school of medicine and medical center, in the Santa Clara County Superior Court. According to the lawsuit, Stanford Hospital did not live up to their promise that they would take care of him if anything were to happen by the virtue of his donations. The suit further alleged that the hospital is “being unjustly enriched by taking his blood under false pretenses, and selling it.” The damages of the lawsuit will be determined once it is verified how much Stanford earns by selling the blood.

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