Explosion rocks Wilson business

Explosion rocks Wilson business


Legal News for Oklahoma Attorneys. Oklahoma 76 closed for hours after an explosion and blaze at a Wilson business.

No injuries reported after explosion and blaze at Wilson business.

Wilson, OK—An explosion at an LW Environmental Services Inc. warehouse in Wilson shut down Oklahoma State Highway 76 for hours Monday night, January 11, 2010, according to information provided by KXII.com, CBS News affiliate. OK-76 was shut down due to a huge blaze that allegedly took hours to extinguish.

The explosion reportedly occurred at approximately 7:30 p.m. at the LW Environmental Service building, located at 6595 Highway 76 in Wilson. The cause of the explosion and inferno are still unknown though officials allegedly stated that “fumes from a leaky propane tank that ignited near a heater might have been to blame.” An LW Operations manager reportedly claimed that the blaze could have been substantially worse. Melted glass was allegedly visible on trucks after the blaze, making it apparent how deadly the fire could have been. A Wilson resident allegedly reported that she heard several explosions coming from the warehouse.

According to news reported by KTen.com, the building was a complete loss after the destructive incident, but thankfully, nobody was reported injured in the explosion or fire. Several local fire departments were dispatched to the scene and remained there for hours battling the blaze, and checking for any remaining hot spots as a safety precaution. No nearby residents were evacuated during the fiery incident.

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