Chicago high-rise blaze left firefighter, resident injured

Chicago high-rise blaze left firefighter, resident injured


Legal News for Illinois Personal Injury Attorneys. Firefighter and resident injured in high-rise blaze.

Chicago high-rise condominium blaze left veteran firefighter in critical condition.

Chicago, IL—It is believed that a veteran firefighter that reportedly collapsed while battling a blaze in a high-rise condominium on Tuesday morning, January 12, 2010, may have suffered a heart attack, according to information provided by the Chicago Breaking News Center. It was reported that firefighters were dispatched to the fiery scene at 10:40 a.m. where they encountered heavy smoke coming from the 12th floor of the Lakeview high-rise building. Five ambulances also responded to the blaze as a reported safety precaution.

The inferno was located in a 24-story building at 3950 N. Lake Shore Drive and was allegedly under control by fire department firefighters at 11:50 a.m. Fire Department officials allegedly stated that the blaze may have been caused by a microwave electrical cord in a condominium on the 12th floor of the building. Residents on the 12th floor and several floors above it were reportedly evacuated by responding firefighters. The woman who lived in the apartment in which the inferno began was allegedly at work at the time of the blaze and was informed of the incident by her daughter.

A resident that reported the condominium blaze allegedly suffered smoke inhalation in the inferno and was transported by emergency medical services (EMS) professionals to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical center in serious condition. By late Tuesday afternoon, hospital personnel reportedly listed the injured resident, who was also a retired firefighter, in fair condition. Also injured in the blaze was 50-year-old Lt. Tom Carbonneau, who was battling the fire when he collapsed at the scene. Medical personnel at the scene used an automated CPR machine on him at the scene of the inferno before he was transported to Illinois Masonic as well. Carbonneau’s condition has allegedly been alleviated to a certain degree after initially being listed in critical condition upon his arrival at the medical center. Though it is suspected that the firefighter collapsed after suffering a heart attack, the cause is still reportedly questionable. Investigations are underway.

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