Charges filed after crash killed police officer and K-9

Legal News for Personal Injury Lawyers. Police officer and K-9 killed by drunk driver on Indiana roadway.

Drunk driver arrested after crash that killed police officer in Indiana.

Mishawaka, IN—A motor vehicle crash involving a police cruiser killed a Mishawaka police officer and his K-9 partner on Saturday Night, January 9, 2010, according to Reports state that 31-year-old Sean Patrick Devine, the driver of the vehicle that struck the police car in the fatal incident, was not supposed to be out past 9 p.m. based on the terms of his 18-month probation.

Devine allegedly tried to escape from an undercover police officer that noticed him driving 20 miles over the posted speed limit by turning into an apartment complex parking lot. The undercover deputy reportedly turned on his lights and sirens upon Devine’s exit from the parking lot, when he allegedly struck a fire hydrant after veering off the side of the southbound lanes of Fir Road. Devine seemingly attempted to flee by running a stoplight at the intersection of Fir and McKinley, where he struck another officers police car. Mishawaka Police Cpl. James Szuba and his K-9 were both fatally injured in the collision.

Toxicology reports allegedly showed that Devine had a blood alcohol content of .239, at the time of the fatal motor vehicle collision (MVC). This is almost three times the legal blood alcohol limit of .08. Opiates and Cocaine were also allegedly found in Devine’s blood. It was also noted that he had a long list of other convictions, including one in which he was charged for possession of 10-pounds of marijuana approximately three months ago. Devine is reportedly receiving hospital treatment after suffering injuries in the crash, but will be arrested once he is considered well enough to be released from the medical center.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Personal Injury Attorneys.