Investigations into American Airlines crash in Jamaica continue

Investigations into American Airlines crash in Jamaica continue


Legal News for Florida Aviation Accident Attorneys. American Airlines Flight 331 crash investigation shows plane overshot landing threshold.

Aviation accident investigations into American Airlines crash in Kingston Jamaica continue.

West Palm Beach, FL—A probe into the American Airlines Flight 331 crash on December 22, 2009, in Kingston, Jamaica suggested that the pilot overshot the touchdown zone on the runway, subsequently resulting in a loss of distance needed to land the aircraft safely, according to information provided by the Dallas Morning News. It was also noted that the maneuver the pilot chose in landing differed completely from that suggested by air traffic controllers.

Air traffic controllers allegedly recommended the pilot of the Boeing 737-800, en route from Miami, to come in facing the wind, which would decrease its speed. Crew members reportedly urged the pilot to come in from the north instead, consequently increasing the speed of the plane by 16 mph by the time they touched down in rainy weather at Norman Manley International Airport. Investigators reportedly noted that the aircraft initially touched down almost half way down the 8,910-foot runway at 4,100 feet even though the landing threshold is usually located one-third of the way down an airport runway. The plane allegedly also had enough fuel to land at Grand Cayman, an alternate landing location, if conditions proved hazardous.

Pilots also reportedly informed Jamaican investigators that they applied “applied maximum manual (pedal) breaking” after the aircraft failed to decelerate properly. On the contrary, the airplane’s computer confirmed that it did decelerate appropriately on the day of the American Airlines crash. Investigations continue.

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