Legal news for Idaho aviation accident attorneys. A helicopter carrying Idaho Fish and Game biologists crashed in Idaho.

Aviation accident attorneys alerts- Two Idaho Fish and Game biologists walked away with non-life threatening injuries after a helicopter crash.

Boise, ID—For the second time in less than two weeks, a helicopter that was carrying state Fish and Game biologists crashed in a remote area in northeastern Idaho. The two biologists and the pilot all survived the horrifying wreck, on Friday, January 8, 2009 as they were flying along the North Fork of the Clearwater River studying wolf predation, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Two Idaho Fish and Game biologists were reportedly trying to dart wolves, elk, and moose as part of a study on wolf predation, when the helicopter’s engine ceased operation about 400 feet above the ground. The two biologists were able to walk away from the crash with rib and back injuries, while the pilot, Rick Swisher, suffered a broken arm and back injuries. Due to the remote location of the crash site, Swisher had to be medevaced to the hospital in an alternate helicopter to receive treatment. It is unknown what caused the engine of the helicopter to quit. Swisher reportedly owns the helicopter and Quicksilver Air in Fairbanks, Alaska and has over 10,000 hours of wildlife capture flying without any previous crashes. The Federal Aviation Accident (FAA) is investigating the helicopter crash.

This crash comes after the fatal helicopter crash in the Sierra National Forest last Tuesday, which left three California Department of Fish and Game biologists and the pilot dead.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Idaho aviation accident lawyers.