‘Super Speeder’ law in Georgia increases fees for high-risk drivers

‘Super Speeder’ law in Georgia increases fees for high-risk drivers


Legal News for Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys. A new law was implemented in Georgia to increase penalties for dangerous drivers.

Fees received under new Georgia law will benefit trauma care centers and penalize dangerous drivers.

Georgia’s ‘Super Speeder Law’, formally referred to as the HB160 law, was put into effect on January 1, 2010, in an attempt to reduce speed related accidents in the state, according to information provided by News Channel 9 and SuperSpeederGeorgia.org. This new law reportedly allows officials to fine all drivers convicted of traveling at speeds of 75+ mph in two lane roads as well as those convicted of driving at 85+ mph on all other Georgia roadways.

On top of paying local fees, those convicted of illegal speeding will be given an additional $200 state-fee as a consequence of their dangerous driving habits. If a ‘Super Speeder’ fails to pay the state-issued fee, an additional $50 fee as well as the suspension of the speeders’ driving privileges and license will be the result. Two separate payments will have to be made if issued a ‘Super Speeder’ ticket. The local citation will be paid normally (to the jurisdiction in which the ticket was issued), but the new ‘Super Speeder’ fee will have to be paid to the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). These new additional violations will not result in the addition of extra points on an offender’s license. The Office of Treasury and Fiscal Services (OTFS) will allegedly be in charge of accounting the funds collected under this new law.

A benefit to this new state law: all fees collected under the ‘Super Speeder Law’ will be placed in the state general fund to be used in Georgia’s trauma care hospital system. It was reported that 60 percent of the patients in Georgia trauma care centers were transported there after they sustained serious and sometimes fatal injuries in crash-related incidents. The law was created in an attempt to increase safety for other motorists and pedestrians by increasing the penalty for illegal and dangerous speeding. It was reported that in 2008, speed played a large role in approximately 21 percent of all fatalities sustained through motor vehicle accidents in Georgia. With this new law in place, illegal speeders will be funding trauma centers where those who are personally injured in these speed-related crashes will receive medical treatment.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers.

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