Ohio three-vehicle crash shatters Key Bank windows; 2 injured

Ohio three-vehicle crash shatters Key Bank windows; 2 injured


Legal news for Ohio automobile accident attorneys. A multiple-vehicle collision sent a truck into the side of a bank.

An automobile accident involving a pickup truck, Chevrolet Lumina, and a Ford Focus injured two people and damaged a Key Bank.

Springfield, OH—A three-vehicle collision, caused by a red light runner, sent a truck careening into the side of a bank. Two people were injured and the bank was seriously damaged after the Monday, December 28, 2009, 9:00 a.m. wreck, as reported by WHIOTV and the Daytona Daily News.

According to Springfield police officials, a white Chevrolet Lumina reportedly ran a red traffic light at the West Main Street and Fountain Avenue intersection, which caused a pickup truck and a Ford Focus to swerve out of the way. All three vehicles collided, which sent the truck that was driven by Terry Chaney, of Springfield, to slam into the side of a Key Bank, shattering every window on the side of the building. Luckily, no one inside the bank at the time sustained any injuries due to the collision. The driver of the Lumina, Jessica Brewer, and a passenger inside the truck were injured in the collision. They were both transported by emergency medical services (EMS) teams to a local hospital for treatment by doctors and nurses. The driver of the Ford Focus, Joshua Koepnick, refused medical treatment. Brewer was reportedly cited by police officials for running the red light.

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