Four cases of Legionnaires’ disease reported, investigators search for source

Legal News for Florida Personal Injury Attorneys. Water in four more Miami buildings stripped of all chlorine, perfect conditions for bacterial growth.

CPSC seeks out source of Legionella bacteria after water filtration system encouraged bacterial growth.

Miami, FL—Miami’s luxury Epic Hotel was closed down for two weeks after three guests were diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease possibly due to the fact that the hotels’ water filtration system stripped 100 percent of the chlorine used in preventing waterborne diseases to develop. Another individual who never stayed at Epic was reportedly affected by the same strain of the disease, causing investigators to question where they this strain of the disease originated from, according to information provided by the Miami Herald.

According to recent reports from health authorities, three buildings in Miami as well as one in Miami Shores, allegedly have water filtration systems that stripped all chlorine from the water, creating a bacterial hazard. Culligan, a Rosemont, Illinois-based water purification company was reported as the supplier of the water filters used at Epic Hotel, as well as the other four buildings in which all chlorine has been stripped from the water, which allegedly have not been specified by the company or the Miami-Dade Health Department for privacy reasons. The other buildings affected are allegedly condominiums with occupants who have been notified of the hazards associated with the current state of the water supply; they reportedly cooperating with the health department and taking recommendations in a respectful manor.

Exposure to the Legionella bacteria does not immediately cause a person to contract and become ill from Legionnaires’ disease. The director of the health department’s environmental health and engineering division reportedly noted, “whether it makes anyone sick depends on its strain, its concentration and the person’s underlying health”

Authorities from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CPSC) allegedly claim that it is unlikely for the Epic hotel to be the initial source of this particular strain of Legionnaires’ disease since only three of the four victims visited the hotel. The department continues to investigate.

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