North Carolina Personal Injury: Baby released from hospital, memorial services held for two train crash victims

North Carolina Personal Injury: Baby released from hospital, memorial services held for two train crash victims


Legal News for North Carolina Personal Injury Attorneys. Car on tracks struck by Amtrak train, two fatally injured, 4-month-old girl lives.

NCSHP investigates tragic crash in Efland, NC, involving Amtrack train and car.

Efland, NC—The 4-month-old baby that survived her mother and brother, after the car they were traveling was struck by a train on Tuesday, December 22, has been released from the hospital, reports The tragic incident occurred at a railroad crossing at Southern Drive and Mount Willing Road in Efland, North Carolina. There was a memorial service held for the victims of the tragic crash on Tuesday, December 29, 2009.

According to information provided by sources, Erin Brett Lindsay-Calkins, 26, allegedly drove her Toyota under the crossing arms with her two children, Nicholas and Aven, in the vehicle. Police officials reported the eastbound Amtrak Carolinian, heading toward Raleigh, struck the vehicle when it was on the tracks. Both Erin and her 5-year-old son Nicholas were tragically killed in the crash. Bystanders at the scene of the incident allegedly pulled 4-month-old Aven from the vehicle. She was transported to UNC Hospital to be treated by doctors and nurses and has since then been released to her father, Michael Lindsay-Calkins, who is reportedly “devastated” after the wreckage, according to the News & Observer.

Norfork Southern Railway allegedly received a total of 11 reports of defects at that particular railroad crossing in the last year. One of the reports was made due to a blown breaker that was subsequently repaired. Instances in which the light or caution gate broke made up the remaining ten reports. The light or caution gates that were reported broken, were allegedly caused by motorists who attempted to cross the intersection after the lights or gate initially signaled the oncoming train, causing these parts to malfunction. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol (NCSHP) investigates.

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