California automobile accident result – I-80 wrong-way driver killed two in a fiery wreck

Legal news for California automobile accident attorneys. A wrong-way driver caused a fatal crash on I-80.

California Highway Patrol alerts California automobile accident attorneys- Two people are dead after a car drove in the wrong direction on I-80.

Sacramento, CA—A wrong-way driver caused a fiery crash that killed two people along I-80. The fatal and violent motor vehicle collision (MVC) occurred around 3:30 a.m., just east of Newcastle Road on December 29, 2009, as reported by

An 18-year-old unidentified woman was driving an eastbound car when a 20-year-old male struck her, who was traveling in the wrong direction. The impact of the collision killed both of the drivers of the vehicles involved in the crash. A passenger who was traveling in the female’s car was injured in the wreck. The passenger was transported by responding emergency medical services (EMS) teams to Sutter Roseville Medical Center for treatment of their undisclosed injuries by doctors and nurses. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) was alerted of a vehicle traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of I-80 just before the fatal crash occurred. Debris from the crash were found scattered across the road that included skis and a snowboard, which has led the CHP to believe one of the vehicles was on its way to the Sierra. Shortly after the collision the eastbound car erupted into flames. Police officials are reportedly conducting a full investigation into the deadly wreck. At this time no charges have been filed.

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