Motor Vehicle Collision: One dead after crash involving fire truck

Motor Vehicle Collision: One dead after crash involving fire truck


Legal News for Florida Auto Accident Attorneys. A fire truck and three other vehicles were involved in a crash that killed one and injured another.

Florida Highway Patrol investigates fatal crash involving a fire truck in Lake County, Florida.

Lake County, FL—An automobile crash involving a fire truck as well as three other vehicles, left one person fatally injured on Christmas Day, reports FOX 35. The incident allegedly occurred in Lake County, Florida, north of State Road 50 on the Turnpike.

According to information provided, a Hyundai that was driving directly behind the fire truck hit the emergency vehicle as it was slowing down in an attempt to make a U-turn at an opening in the center-median. Two other vehicles including a Dodge Ram and a Ford F-150 pickup truck were traveling north behind the Hyundai and fire truck at the time of the initial crash, subsequently causing them to become involved in the wreck as well.

Lake County emergency medical services (EMS) crews responded to the scene of the motor vehicle collision (MVC) to transport the injured to hospitals to be treated by doctors and nurses. The Hyundai driver, Kathleen Higgins, allegedly sustained serious injuries in the crash. Virginia Sellitto, 88, a passenger in the Hyundai, was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center where she was pronounced deceased. The occupants of the Lake County fire truck were uninjured in the accident. It was not reported if the occupants of the two other vehicles involved sustained any injuries. The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) continues to investigate the fatal crash.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Florida Auto Accident Lawyers.

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