Fort Worth automobile accident – Car slams into pond upside down; kills 4 Texans

Fort Worth automobile accident – Car slams into pond upside down; kills 4 Texans


Legal news for Texas automobile accident attorneys. A car slammed into a pond in Southlake for unknown reasons, which killed four people.

Texas automobile accident lawyers alerts- A Toyota Avalon crashed into a pond upside-down, submerging the car in water.

Fort Worth, TX—A single-vehicle crash claimed the lives of four people on Saturday, December 26, 2009. A four-door was found in a Southlake pond upside down around 11:20 a.m., as reported by the Star-Telegram.

According to Southlake Department of Public Safety, a small four-door Toyota Avalon careened through the Lonesome Dove Road and Burney Lane intersection, hit a metal pipe fence, slammed into a tree, and landed in a pond upside down, trapping the occupants inside in about 6-feet of water. There reportedly weren’t any skid marks left on the roadway, only ruts in the dirt that led to the edge of the pond. The owner of the property where the pond is located stated that her husband jumped into the pond, and recovered a female passenger. He reportedly tried to free the other occupants on the other side of the car but wasn’t able to get the door open. The female passenger freed by the good Samaritan was rushed by a helicopter ambulance to an area hospital. Two occupants of the car, Monty Hardy, 56, of Southlake and Hadassah Vance, 35, of Euless were pronounced dead after they were rushed to Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine for treatment. The cause of death has not been determined for either victim at this time. Two other victims, Wendy Akion, 38, of Irving, and Sharon Ransom, 56, of Grapevine were rushed to hospital for treatment. Both Akion and Ransom passed away on Sunday while at the hospital. Police officials are currently investigating how and why the crash occurred. The Toyota Avalon is reportedly among the 4 million cars that were recalled because of stuck accelerators. Police officials are exploring the possibility that the accelerator may have contributed to the fatal accident.

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