Illinois wrongful death news: Rite Aid prescription error blamed for man’s death

Legal news for Illinois wrongful death attorneys. Rite Aid is being sued for pharmaceutical error that led to a man’s death.

Illinois wrongful death lawyers alerts- A family of a deceased man filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Rite Aid after he was given lethal doses of Temodar.

Troy, IL—Rite Aid is facing a wrongful death lawsuit, which was filed by a family of a man who they claim died because of a pharmaceutical error. The lawsuit, which was filed last week in the Wayne County Circuit Court, alleges that the Rite Aid pharmacists negligence led to John Sheridan’s death in October 2007, as reported by The Detroit News.

John Sheridan was given lethal doses of a chemotherapy drug, which caused his previously diagnosed malignant melanoma that spread to his brain in 2007, to rapidly grow, consequently leading to his premature death. Rite Aid gave Sheridan the Temodar prescription in September, which instructed him to take 14 capsules by mouth of the drug. The instructed dosage was precisely ten times the usual recommended amount, and almost double the amount known to cause death. The lawsuit alleges that the excessively high dose caused his cancer to quickly spread, which ultimately killed him in October, just one month later, at the age of 52. Temodar is reportedly a powerful drug used to treat brain tumors. Sheridan apparently took the medicine daily when it was only supposed to be taken every other week. Rite Aid is being held accountable because they didn’t catch the doctor’s mistake. The doctor who wrote the prescription admitted his fault and later settled with Sheridan’s family out of court.

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