Explosion at Kraft Foods Ohio plant injured 1

Legal news for Ohio employment attorneys. An explosion at Kraft’s Coshocton plant injured one worker.

Occupational Health and Safety Administration alerts- An explosion at Kraft Foods plant injured a worker.

Coshocton, OH– The blast proof walls at Kraft Foods’ Coshocton plant were tested when an explosion at the plant occurred on Wednesday morning, December 23, 2009. One employee was injured in the explosion that occurred around 3:49 a.m., at the plant located on South Street as reported by Coshocton Tribune.

Police officials report although the cause of the explosion is unknown, the blast proof walls did their job and minimized the damage to the facility. One employee at the plant, Mark K. Krebs, 48, sustained injuries from the blast. Krebs was transported by emergency medical services (EMS) crews to the Ohio State University Medical Center as a precaution. Krebs has reportedly since been released from the hospital. The explosion apparently originated during production in one the smoke houses located in the plant. The blast proof walls are reportedly designed to absorb the pressure, and to push out so the pressure has a place to escape instead of being held in the building. There was no reported major damage to the plant or the product, and the plant is still continuing operations. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) http://www.osha.gov/ are conducting a full investigation into the explosion.

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