Web Marketing For Law Firms-Tips on SEO – Social Media For Lawyers

Kevin Quinlan, law firm-lawyer marketing Internet  strategist, offers tips on how press release distribution and sharing on social news sites can increase inbound links to legal websites and improve search engine optimization efforts.

Many law firms are missing out on new lead generation because their websites are not performing well in the search engines. Legal websites that are not easily found through search not only lose the opportunity to convert new visitors, but also fail to attract repeat visitors that use Google to re-find sites they have already visited. It is mission critical to make your website as spider friendly as possible. Working with a law firm web designer that is also well versed in SEO can ensure that your site has these key search elements:

• Keyword rich content
• Architecture consistent with Google guidelines
• Optimized code and tagging
• Large quantity of inbound links from sites of distinction

Prospects also find out about attorneys through recommendations by friends and through social media. The addition of a legal blog or a social network to your website provides opportunities for prospects to interact with your law firm. Most importantly, social media and blog content offers the search engines fresh content to crawl and inbound links, potentially boosting your rankings. By adding sharing options to your blog that enable readers to submit your content to social news and other sites like Digg, Facebook and Twitter you can help boost your online word of mouth.

Syndication is an important strategy that we utilize in our Smart News Technology private label branded newsrooms for attorneys. The articles, press releases, and law firm announcements created on the news platform can be written, published and syndicated with the push of a button. While most online press release distribution services offer almost no assistance in optimizing articles and releases for improved indexing, content created on the Smart News Technology platform is automatically optimized with the search engine optimization feature. This functionality gives each release the best possibility of being picked up on the web, expanding your reach across a vast network of newswire partners including Google news.

The web is a work in progress and the importance of an integrated law firm SEO and social media strategy for lawyers cannot be taken lightly by any firm that wants to increase their lead generation numbers. The key is to align your firm with a legal web design/strategy team that understands your goals and what is realistic for your firm.

For more information on law firm SEO and social media for lawyers or Smart News Technology, contact Kevin Quinlan-President of Cepaclaw.com.Press Release Contact Information:

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