Texas truck accident Attorney Report: Family of truck accident victim files lawsuit against North Texas Tollway Authority

The family of a fatal truck accident that took place on the Dallas North Tollway is suing both the driver and the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) for the death of their loved one, William “Billy” Bond.

The driver was following too closely to another vehicle when he lost control of his truck and hit a median, causing a sizeable piece of concrete to break apart and crash through the windshield of Bond’s car, killing him instantly.

As per Linda Turly, the Bond’s family attorney, the NTTA was also named in the lawsuit, as well as other companies who did engineering, construction or maintenance on the tollway.

The driver of the truck, Christopher Spicer, 44, was indicted for criminally negligent homicide, a state jail felony that carries a maximum penalty of two years.

The family’s attorney says her clients are concerned about aggressive driving as well as safely designed and well-maintained roads. She added that the driver’s failure to drive safely combined with an improperly maintained tollway led to Bond’s death.

“You can’t have chunks of concrete flying through the air when a car hits a median,” Turley said. “The medians are supposed to prevent cars from entering the opposite lanes but they are supposed to be done safely.”

Turley said the destroyed median that caused Bond’s death has only been patched but not replaced.

Bond’s family does not ask for a specified dollar amount, according to a copy of the lawsuit.

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