Laboratory explosion injures Purdue University employee

Legal news for Indiana personal injury attorneys. A lab experiment went wrong and injured a research assistant.

Indiana personal injury attorney alerts- A chemical explosion at a Purdue University laboratory injured a research assistant.

Lafayette, IN—A chemical explosion at Purdue University sent a doctoral research assistant to the hospital after a chemical mixture caused a vial to explode in her hands. The chemical concoction exploded around 2:11 p.m., in Room B160 at Neil Armstrong Hall, as reported by

Kirsten Genson, a post-doctoral research assistant, was handling a 10-milliter vial filled with six different chemicals when it suddenly exploded in a Material Engineering Department laboratory. The explosion left her with cuts to her hands. The Purdue Fire Department rushed to the scene where they were told an explosion of fluoride occurred. Genson was rushed to Clarian Arnett Hospital in Lafayette for treatment of her injuries by doctors and nurses. Attending medical professionals were reportedly inspecting Kirsten’s hands for possible glass fragments that may have been imbedded in her hands when the vial burst. The injuries were described as “minor.” Police officials reported there were no other injuries reported and there was no other damage to the laboratory, nor was a fire ignited. The laboratory was cleaned up by 3:00 p.m., and re-opened. It is unknown if any sort of investigation is going to take place.

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