Employment Law News Dallas -Water Utilities faces discrimination lawsuit

Legal news for employment attorneys. Thirteen workers filed a civil rights lawsuit against Dallas Water Utilities on racial allegations.

Texas employment lawyers alerts- Thirteen workers filed a discrimination lawsuit against Dallas Water Utilities.

Dallas, TX—A federal civil rights lawsuit filed against City Hall by thirteen Dallas Water Utilities employees, alleges they regularly endured racial discrimination at the workplace. The lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday, December 16, 2009, portrays a racially segregated workplace where discrimination is a regular occurrence, as reported by the Dallas Morning News.

The plaintiffs, claim they have regularly endured racial slurs, degrading drawings towards blacks, and are often passed over for less qualified white workers for promotions. They also maintain they are worked more, and endure more scrutiny then white employees. The allegations give a picture in which white employees often used threats and bribery to discredit complaints, and to keep the minority workers segregated and prevent them from receiving promotions. A spokesperson for the City Hall, stated the city has not acted unlawfully or put up with discrimination at the city’s water department. In addition the city said, “The city has not had an opportunity to review all of the allegations. However, many of the allegations concern specific incidents that are several years old, about which the city took corrective measures regarding these situations at the time the allegations were first reported.”

The plaintiffs include 11 balcks, one Hispanic, and one Asian, identified as Leroy White, Terrence Marshall, Arturo Garza, Clement Bernard, Faye Jackson, James Yellowfish, Jewell Taylor, Kevin Gillum, Kevin McArthur, Marcus Greer, Michael Roberts, Roderick Tolor and Thai Nguyen. They are seeking monetary damages and a correction from Dallas Water Utilities.

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