Car slams into home, cracks foundation and kills passenger

Car slams into home, cracks foundation and kills passenger


Legal news for Ohio criminal attorneys. A car hit a home and killed his passenger.

Ohio criminal lawyers alerts- A car crashed into the side of a home in Cleveland.

Cleveland, OH—A vehicle traveling at high rate of speed slammed into the side of a home, killing a passenger and injuring another. The driver was charged with aggravated vehicular assault after slamming into the house on Marston, Wednesday night, December 16, 2009, around midnight, as reported by

According to police officials the driver, Ronald Banks, was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed while traveling on East 135th Street, when he failed to yield to a stop sign at a three-way intersection at Miles and Marston Avenues. The driver continued through the intersection, crashed into a guardrail, a tree, and then slammed into a home on Marston. The vehicle apparently hit the home so hard that it broke the block foundation, and partially penetrated into the home’s basement. The front seat passenger, Earl Purnell, 37, of Columbus, was tragically killed in the wreck. A second passenger, a 30-year-old Cleveland resident, sustained injuries and was taken to MetroHealth, where he was treated for his injuries and released. Another passenger fled the scene of the crash. Banks was transported to MetroHealth, where he was treated for his injuries, and then taken into custody by police officials. Two residents of the home were inside when the collision occurred, but were allegedly unharmed. Police officials are reportedly conducting a full investigation.

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