Daycare workers allegedly drugged children for naptime

Legal news for Ohio personal injury attorneys. Police are investigating allegations that daycare workers gave kids melatonin.

Ohio personal injury attorneys alert- Children were allegedly given melatonin at a daycare to put them to sleep during nap time.

Cincinnati, OH—Springfield Township police investigators are looking into allegations that accused daycare workers of drugging the children for nap time. Two workers allegedly gave an unknown amount of children the dietary supplement melatonin at the Covenant Apostolic Church Daycare in Finneytown, as reported by WKRC.

Other daycare workers alerted police of the alleged drugging on Sunday night, December 13, 2009. Parents of the 30-40 children attending the church daycare were sent a letter on Monday about the allegations, in which a part of it stated, “Allegations that some children attending the Covenant Church Daycare were given the dietary supplement Melatonin by some of the daycare staff, allegedly to help the children sleep during the daycare’s nap time.” The melatonin was reportedly hidden inside of tootsie rolls that were given to the children prior to nap time, over a period of three to four months. Although there are no reports at this time of any children being harmed, parents are urged to contact their family physician or the Poison Control Center if they have any questions about the effects of melatonin.

According to the Mayo Clinic Web site, melatonin is a hormone created by a small gland in the brain. Melatonin helps to control the sleep and wake cycles, which can cause side affects like dizziness, abdominal discomfort, headaches, confusion, sleepwalking and nightmares. Melatonin is not FDA-approved or regulated. The Mayo Clinic Web site also states that long-term effects of melatonin is not currently known, and may not be safe for pregnant women, women who are breast-feeding, or under the age of 20-years-old.

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