Attorney General sues woman over legal work without a license

Legal news for Kansas general litigation attorneys. A woman is being sued for practicing law without a license.

Kansas Attorney General filed a lawsuit against a woman who was giving legal advice without a license.

Wichita, KS—The Kansas Attorney General Office filed a lawsuit against a woman who allegedly was providing legal advice, even though she is not a lawyer. The lawsuit was filed last week in Sedgwick County District Court, as reported by The Wichita Eagle.

The defendant, Joan Heffington, who runs the Association for Honest Attorneys and has a Web site, is facing a lawsuit filed by the Attorney General’s Office, which claims she is practicing law without a license. The Attorney General alleges Heffington has helped laypeople file lawsuits and complaints against the Kansas district court and state agencies in the federal court. She has also sent demand letters to private businesses. On Heffington’s Web site for her non-profit association, she states her board members are herself, disbarred Wichita attorney, Cortland Berry, and “God.” Heffington also claims she has degrees in criminal justice from Wichita State, and worked as a former traffic investigator and home builder. The lawsuit contends that Heffington publicizes that she helps people in filing lawsuits, which is a violation of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act. The lawsuit is asking the state to fine her $10,000 for each violation of the Consumer Protection Act, which could reach up to $75,000.00

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