4,000 evacuated after toxic gas leak in Columbus

4,000 evacuated after toxic gas leak in Columbus


Legal News for Ohio Personal Injury Attorneys. A hydrogen-sulfide leak at a motor-oil recycling plant resulted in the evacuation of 4,000 people.

EPA investigates a toxic gas leak at an Ohio petroleum recycling plant.

Columbus, OH—A toxic gas leak at a petroleum recycling company led to the evacuation of 4,000 people working in the plant, as well as business establishments in the surrounding area, according to a report from the Columbus Dispatch. The Heartland Petroleum plant is located 4001 East 5th Avenue. The part of E. 5th Ave. between Stelzer and Hamilton roads were closed until about 2 p.m. for investigatory purposes.

According to a statement given by the company’s Chief Financial Officer, the hydrogen-sulfide leak allegedly occurred due to a power outage that caused a gasket to crack when electric systems began their “restart process”. The chief of the Columbus Division of Fire Battalion reported a vapor cloud upon his arrival at the scene of the gas leak.

It was reported that area firefighters responded to the refinery at approximately 8 a.m., where three individuals were treated for non-life threatening symptoms from being exposed to the air toxin. One person was also allegedly transported to the Ohio State University Medical Center after the gas leak.

According to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is unknown how much hydrogen sulfide was released into the air as a result of the leak. It was also noted that the EPA has reportedly received a total of 16 complaints about the odor coming from the Heartland Petroleum plant.

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