Daughter of car crash victim sues Sprint Nextel

Daughter of car crash victim sues Sprint Nextel


Legal News for general litigation lawyers. Sprint Nextel phone service company is being sued for allegedly failing to warn people about distracted driving.

Sprint Nextel negligence lawsuit brought upon by car crash victim’s daughter.

Oklahoma City, OK– A fatal Oklahoma City car crash on September 3, 2008 that tragically ended the life of Linda Doyle, 61, has consequentially led to a lawsuit against the Sprint Nextel phone service since the driver at fault in the accident, Christopher Hill, was allegedly distracted by a phone call at the time of the motor vehicle collision (MVC), as reported by the New York Times.

This particular lawsuit was brought upon the Sprint Nextel company by Jennifer Smith, the daughter of Linda Doyle. According to sources, Sprint Nextel reportedly “rejects the claims of negligence” since warnings about driving while using cellular devices are included in the user manuals and packaging, as well as on the company website.

In this case, Hill, the driver who plead guilty to negligent homicide, allegedly believes that it is the choice of the individual whether they use their phone while driving, not that of the phone service company; though he admitted he never read the user manual and was ultimately unaware of the company’s efforts to warn people about distracted driving. The question at hand in a case like this inquires as to who is responsible for minimizing the risk of accidents due to cell phone use while driving? Is it the company who created the phone, or the individual that chose to use the phone while driving that is to blame?

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