California personal injury- Bus driver’s heart attack caused deadly crash in Los Angeles

Legal news for California personal injury attorneys. A bus driver experiences a heart attack and looses control.

California personal injury attorneys alerts- A bus crash in the Harbor Gateway area was caused by the bus driver’s sudden heart attack.

Los Angeles, CA—Police officials believe a heart attack was the cause of an out-of-control Gardena City bus crash that plowed into power poles and ripped out a fire hydrant. The fatal bus crash occurred on Wednesday morning, December 9, 2009, in the Harbor Gateway area, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Four passengers remained unharmed while traveling in the out-of-control Garden City bus. According to police officials, the bus was traveling northbound in a small area of city land just south of Downtown Los Angeles, when the bus driver, a 47-year-old woman, allegedly experienced a heart attack. The heart attack caused the bus driver to loose control of the vehicle, which subsequently hit parked cars and two power poles. The bus then slashed off a light pole and a fire hydrant, which sent water flying into the air, before the bus came to a halt. The chaos came to an end when the bus crossed a street median and finally stopped in the southbound lanes. Emergency medical services (EMS) teams rushed to the scene, where they pronounced the bus driver dead. It is unknown if the driver had a prior medical condition, which could have triggered the sudden heart attack. Luckily, the passengers aboard did not sustain any injuries during the frightening ride. Police officials are reportedly conducting a full investigation into the crash.

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