Legal news for California automobile accident attorneys. A massive vehicle crash injured 16 motorists.

California Highway Patrol alerts California automobile accident attorneys- A 33-vehicle crash on Interstate 5 was caused by dense fog.

San Francisco Bay, CA—A massive 33-vehicle collision sent 16 people to area hospitals, and shut down Interstate 5 near Lodi for about three hours. The multiple vehicle pile-ups occurred around 7:25 a.m. in dense fog near Highway 12, as reported by the Sacramento Bee.

The California Highway Patrol reported only one major injury in the massive collision. The collision apparently started when a semi-truck slammed into another tractor-trailer, which caused a more than a dozen additional crashes in the dense fog. Police officials stated the motorists were traveling too fast for the adverse weather and traffic conditions at the time. They were just not able to react before crashing into the vehicle in front of them. Several ambulances responded to the scene to transport sixteen injured motorists to Lodi Memorial Hospital, Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center, and UC Davis Medical Center for treatment. None of the injuries appeared to be life threatening. Lodi-area fire departments and police officials also responded to the scene. It reportedly took tow truck drivers several hours to clear the scene of the severely damaged vehicles. Police officials are conducting a full investigation into the 33-vehicle pile-up. No charges have been filed in connection with the wreck at this time.

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